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Reference 1158BSB
Type Tug - Twin Screw
Class Local Class
Build year / place 2005 / MALAYSIA
Length (m) 32
Breadth (m) / Depth (m) 9 / 4.2
NT (tons) / GT (tons) / 286
Engine(s) power (BHP) 2400
Engine(s) 2 x Cummins KTA-38-M2-4T 12 CIL
Price 1,450,000 EUR

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Detailed Information

Built Year & Place 2005 / MALAYSIA
Hull Material Steel
Class Society and Notation Local Class
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Next Annual Survey
Principle Dimensions
Length Overall (m) 32
Length Between Prep. (m) 29.57
Breadth (m) 9
Depth (m) 4.2
Draft (m) 3.5
NT (tons)
GT (tons) 286
DWT (tons)
Machinery & Propulsion
Total Power Output (BHP) 2400
Main Engine(s) 2 x Cummins KTA-38-M2-4T 12 CIL
Main Propulsion System Twin Screw
Auxiliary engine(s) 2 X 201.5 KW , CUMMINS KTA-19-D
Speed Maximum (knots) 12
Speed Cruising (knots) 8
Cargo & Tank Capacities
Deck Cargo (tons)
Deck Area (m2)
Deck Load (tons/m2)
Fuel Tanks Capacity (m3)
Fresh Water Tanks Capacity (m3)
Ballast Tanks Capacity (m3)
Additional Information

– Currently it is not classified, in the construction it was under the supervision of the company BUREAU VERITEAS, and it was up to a year after we acquired it, we did not renew it.
– It has a Spanish flag and the certificates are issued by the General Directorate of the Spanish Merchant Marine, the current class is Group 3 Class T, unrestricted navigation.
– The last grounding was from March 3 to June 2. The works that were carried out are fully detailed in the first dossier that I send you, in the sections:
* Reports and certificates of repair and maintenance.
* Maintenance work carried out in the last grounding in 2021.
– The ship is currently fully operational and in optimal operating conditions and with all the updated certificates, as well as the latest revisions, as also detailed in said dossier.

Bollard pull: 26.40 tons

Wide stern loading approx. 90 m2
Main winch and a stern maneuvering winch
High-key gangway on both sides for boarding of personnel
Load capacity on deck: 50 tons

2 stainless fixed pitch propellers in nozzles, diameter 2176mm

Auxiliary machinery
Electric bow thruster: 109 kw
Hydraulic trailer winch: 70 tons to brake, 600m. 28mm diameter cable
Auxiliary maneuvering winch aft, 200m. 20mm diameter cable
Hydraulic crane on deck: 6.7 tons at 2 meters, 1.6 tons at 14 meters

Storage tanks
Diesel fuel capacity: 200m3
Water capacity: 46 m3

Other equipment
Bilge separator: GEORIM ENGIENEERING C.O. LTD, Model GRS-05EB, Maximum System Performance: 0.5 m3/hp, Measured Efficiency Oil Content minus 15ppm, Capacity: 1.60m3
Treatment plant tank: Equipment IL SEUNG CO. LTC., Tank capacity: 1.5m3, aeration blower, discharge pump

Compressor in engine room
2 hydraulic pumps for rudder service

Safety material
Safety certificate for 14 people
1 semi-rigid boat with outboard motor for 6 people, class T.
2 life rafts
2 smoke signals
18 life jackets
12 rockets
6 lights on automatic
6 survival suits
2 line launchers

Apparatus and maneuvering on the bridge
In addition to radio and navigation aid devices, you have the following:
Analog fire control panel with 19 detectors
Auxiliary motor control center, 2 panels with start and stop of the same, with alarms
Movement detection device
Alarms overview
Manual machine control
Television cameras on machines and decks
Control of the towing winch maneuvering aft bridge
Engine command control and maneuvering aft of the bridge

Panels and alarms on the bridge
Main engines: revolutions, emergency start and stops, temperature and pressure gauges, motors and gearbox, light and sound alarms
Auxiliary motors: alarm panel, plant drop, phase drop, motor overload, voltage failure, low oil level, low oil pressure, high temperature
Servo rudder pumps: start, stop
General alarm box: high bilge level, high fuel level, low fuel level
Emergency stops: air conditioning, machine fan and fuel pumps
2 intercoms
Emergency lighting box

Valid certificates
Type 2 special recognition
Navigability afloat
dry seaworthiness
tail axis-quadrennial
Team safety
Radielect Security.
Nautical equipment
Freeboard International
Magnetic needle compensation
Machine installation
Radio station license
Ground maintenance contract
First aid kit
MLC Maritime Labor Convention on Ships
Others: Bollard Pull, rescue boat, Sewage, declaration regarding the antifouling system, prevention of atmospheric pollution for engines, main and auxiliary engines, declaration of conformity European community rescue boat SOLAS 420,
project for the GMDSS radio electrical installation

All details are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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