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Reference COB0081
Type Pilot Boat
Class Local Class
Build year / place 1999 / FRANCE
Length (m) 14
Breadth (m) / Depth (m) 4.2 /
NT (tons) / GT (tons) /
Engine(s) power (BHP) 245
Engine(s) 1 x Cummins CTA 8,3 MO diesel
Price 195,000 EUR

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Detailed Information

Built Year & Place 1999 / FRANCE
Hull Material Polyester
Class Society and Notation Local Class
Next DD 05/2021
Next SS
Next Annual Survey
Principle Dimensions
Length Overall (m) 14
Length Between Prep. (m)
Breadth (m) 4.2
Depth (m)
Draft (m) 1.4
NT (tons)
GT (tons)
DWT (tons)
Machinery & Propulsion
Total Power Output (BHP) 245
Main Engine(s) 1 x Cummins CTA 8,3 MO diesel
Main Propulsion System 2 shaft lines
Auxiliary engine(s)
Propellers 4
Speed Maximum (knots) 19
Speed Cruising (knots) 18
Cargo & Tank Capacities
Deck Cargo (tons)
Deck Area (m2)
Deck Load (tons/m2)
Fuel Tanks Capacity (m3)
Fresh Water Tanks Capacity (m3)
Ballast Tanks Capacity (m3)
Additional Information

Dry docked in May 2020.
Gasoil capacity : 2 x 840 L
Passenger capacity : Maximum 14 people, including 2 crews.( 5 pilot’s seats, seats on lockers and vertical bars for some standing up people)

Propulsion : 2 shaft lines, each with a 4 blade fixed pitch propeller, and each driven by a 245 hp CUMMINS CTA 8,3 MO diesel engine, running at 2500 rpm and elastically mounted.
1 extractor fan for the engine compartment
At 8000 running hours, both engines have got a complete refitting. For that time they have got about 2000 h more. They are perfectly maintained, complying with the Cummins instructions. They can easily be dismounted and transferred to a workshop, through 2 opening hatches on the deck. 2 sets of starting / service batteries, all in excellent condition.

Navigation area : 4-th category, i.e. 5 nautical miles from the nearest harbor, complying with French rules. It is quite easy to get the 3-rd category (20 nautical miles from the nearest harbor), by adding some safety equipment.
Fenders : Mix of Delta and Nibbs fenders, all in very good condition.
In addition to the 12 passengers and 2 sailors that the boat can accommodate, it can also carry, on its large aft deck, 6 x 500 kg Euro-pallets, that is 3 T, distributed on the aft deck.

It is put on the pier twice a year, for hull inspection and cleaning, and eventual painting, as well as for maintenance works. For renewing the freeboard certificate, the Bureau Veritas is inspecting the hull once a year, one year afloat, the next year on dry dock. The Maritime Affairs are doing a complete inspection once a year, but today, it is done one year by themselves, and the next year by Bureau Veritas, which is officially habilitated to work for them, for such purposes. After that inspection, either by Maritime Affairs, or by BV, a report is sent to the pilots, sometimes with prescriptions, the application of which being always checked. The application of the prescriptions allows the navigation license to be renewed.

It is fully equipped in compliance with French rules :
RESCUE : 1 side manual davit with tackle, for recovering a man overboard + special hook for that purpose + safety rail (HADRIAN type), with trolley and life line, 1 SILZIG buoy, 1 SOLAS ring with floating light, 1 SURVITEC 20 people liferaft, 14 SOLAS life jackets, AQUAVEL MARK 3 type, Compulsory parachute rockets and smoke signals, Safety, bilge, fire fighting : 3 watertight doors with alarms, 1 CO2 extinguishing installation in the engine compartment, with extractor fan, 1 fire detection system in the engine compartment and the gasoil tanks, Water level alarms, watertight door closing alarms, level alarms for gasoil tanks 1 bilge/fire fighting 15,6 m3/h pump driven by each diesel engine
2 electrical bilge pumps, controlled from the wheelhouse, 2 electrical automatic bilge pumps

1 Class B COMAR AIS, 2 VHF, of which 1 ASN, 1 magnetic compass, 1 KODEN radar, 1 GPS, 1 echo sounder, 1 wave finder (no more used), 1 search light, 1 ELR set, combining horn, fog signals and outside loud speaking system, 1 set of emergency batteries in very good condition. All instruments and equipment are in very good condition and are working very well. The control desk is very well designed, very complete, with MORSE type engine control levers. All equipment are complying with the French rules (Division 222) and SOLAS rules.

All details are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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