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Reference COB0093
Type Crew Boat - Crew Boat
Class ABS
Build year / place 2014 / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Length (m) 63
Breadth (m) / Depth (m) 9.75 / 44.2
NT (tons) / GT (tons) / 97
Engine(s) power (BHP) 9000
Engine(s) 4 x Caterpillar 3512C 2250 bhp each
Price 26,000,000 USD

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Detailed Information

Built Year & Place 2014 / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Hull Material Steel
Class Society and Notation ABS
Next DD
Next SS
Next Annual Survey
Principle Dimensions
Length Overall (m) 63
Length Between Prep. (m)
Breadth (m) 9.75
Depth (m) 44.2
Draft (m)
NT (tons)
GT (tons) 97
DWT (tons) 518
Machinery & Propulsion
Total Power Output (BHP) 9000
Main Engine(s) 4 x Caterpillar 3512C 2250 bhp each
Main Propulsion System
Auxiliary engine(s) 2 X 250 KW , Cat
Speed Maximum (knots) 32
Speed Cruising (knots)
Cargo & Tank Capacities
Deck Cargo (tons)
Deck Area (m2)
Deck Load (tons/m2)
Fuel Tanks Capacity (m3)
Fresh Water Tanks Capacity (m3)
Ballast Tanks Capacity (m3)
Additional Information

Never used before
Modular Multiple Structure and Deck Configurations
Safe, reliable and efficient
Cargo transportation: Goods and Personnel
Patrol ship: Coastal Patrol or other Defense Applications
UAS Operations: Launch, Recovery and Opertations Platform

Length on Deck 42.672 m, Cargo Lenght, On Deck 12.2 m
Deck Cargo 427 tons, Clear Deck 42.67 tons x 80.77 tons

Ship Water 900 Gals, Potable water 42.306 Gals, Fuel 66.145 Gals, Lube Oil 1.040 Gals (2 tanks), Waste Oil/Bilge Oil 1.050 Gals (2 tanks)

Engines with Twin Disc 6100 2.5:1 Marine Gear Turning 56 ” x 50″ ZF Props
Generators W/Bow Thruster Pump on front end, Bow Thrusters: 2 – Thrustmaster 30″ Od Electric Tunnel Thursters, Model 30TT200AL
Speed: Loaded (180 tons cargo) 28 knots, Loaded (240 tons cargo) 26 knots
Steering & Controls: 4 – Beier, Inc. 5 Hp Electro/Hydraulic Steering Units, 3 Stations, Mathers Clear Command Electronic Controls, 3 Stations
DP System: Beier IVCS 2000 2000 DP2 Integrated Vessel Control System

1 Kvh V7 Marine Rapid-sat Maritime, Broadband System with unlimited. Voice, Internet and Email
2 VHF Radios, 1 SSB Radio, 2 RADARS, GPS, Depth Recorder, Navtex Receiver, Color Video Sounder, AIS, Loud Hailer


Personnel Rescue Davit, Fire Detection System, Alarm Monitoring System
CO2 Fire Suppression System, 4-25 Man Inflatable Life Rafts
Oil Dispersant System (300 GPM – 1,000 Gallon and additional on-deck capabilities. 96´ Boom Spray)
Fire Monitor 2 – 6,000 GPM

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