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Reference DO0290
Type Workboat
Build year / place 1977 / FAEROE ISLANDS
Length (m) 13
Breadth (m) / Depth (m) 4.95 / 2.16
NT (tons) / GT (tons) /
Engine(s) power (BHP) 282
Engine(s) 1 x Doosan LO86 TIH
Location UK COAST
Price 55,000 GBP

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Detailed Information

Built Year & Place 1977 / FAEROE ISLANDS
Hull Material Steel
Class Society and Notation
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Principle Dimensions
Length Overall (m) 13
Length Between Prep. (m)
Breadth (m) 4.95
Depth (m) 2.16
Draft (m) 2.16
NT (tons)
GT (tons)
DWT (tons)
Machinery & Propulsion
Total Power Output (BHP) 282
Main Engine(s) 1 x Doosan LO86 TIH
Main Propulsion System Single Screw
Auxiliary engine(s)
Speed Maximum (knots)
Speed Cruising (knots)
Cargo & Tank Capacities
Deck Cargo (tons)
Deck Area (m2)
Deck Load (tons/m2)
Fuel Tanks Capacity (m3)
Fresh Water Tanks Capacity (m3)
Ballast Tanks Capacity (m3)
Additional Information

Palfinger pk1000 crane
2x Hydraulic David’s
5 ton single barrel winch and Capitan
Hydraulic power steering

Electronics: 24v

The vessel arrived in Shetland in 1999, and was almost immediately laid up, for over-capacity in the operator’s fleet.
There are no notes on the history of the vessel whilst in Faroese ownership.
It is purchased by current Owners in 2006, and immediately refurbished to vessel up to certification standard.
It was in continuous use until early 2009, when the decision was taken to the vessel, and carry out a further refurbishment and wheelhouse renewal.
It is flush decked, with a slight sheer, raised bulwarks forward and heavy bulwarks aft.
The bow above the waterline is heavily raked, and even more so below the waterline in a ice-breaker format.
The hull is single chine with a significant rise aft above the propeller, which is protected by line and an aft rudder post from the keel extension to the transom, which is heavily raked outwards.

The deck is pierced by the engine exhaust and the engine access hatch, and is surmounted by a deck crane.
There is a massive underdeck storage area, which were originally the cabin and hold for the vessel. Presently these areas are not utilised as cargo spaces, but only as void spaces.

A comprehensive ultrasonic test of the hull was carried out whilst the vessel was ashore and confirms that the vessel is built to the scantlings below, and hat no significant wastage had taken place.
The hull is plated to the following scantlings
Keel and stern 12mm x 60MM
Frames 12mm x 50mm
Frame spacing 500mm
Lower hull plating 8mm
Chine plating 7mm
Topside plating 6mm
Deck plating 5mm
Deck ion way of crane 12mm
Bulwark plating 6mm
Top rail plating 12mm
Wheelhouse 4mm
These scantlings are in excess of Lloyds ice-classed construction rules.
The maximum corrosion found was in the lower hull plating immediately aft of the main engine, and was limited to wastage of 0.3mm or 3.75%, which is negligible.
All original steel is in exceptionally good condition, having been corrosion proofed after welding.
There is some random pitting of the hull, to a maximum depth of 2mm. These are not new, are widely spaced and of no significance
The hull plating does have some impact dents in it. These are mainly in the area of the waterline forward, and give some credence to the design being ice classed.
There is no significant corrosion in these dents.

There was originally an under-deck hold forward of the engineroom, but this has been converted into storage space, as the hatch was removed to give a flush working deck.
There is one watertight bulkhead in the vessel, separating the engine room from the ard section of the vessel.

The decks have been virtually renewed during the present refurbishment.
The engineroom hatch has been moved from its original position to the port side, to allow greater clear area of deck.
The underdeck support for the crane ahs been renewed and appears to have been over-enginereed to give an exceptionally stiff deck in this area.

The superstructure consists of a coachroof forward, and the wheelhouse, both of which are of steel construction.
The wheelhouse has been renewed during the present refurbishment
The wheelhouse is entered via a single door, offset to starboard in the aft bulkhead
The door is in good condition and secure
All wheelhouse windows are of 6mm laminated glass and are in good condition, some having been recently renewed
All are rubber mounted on the steel plating and appear to be leak free.
Thee is access to the forward store from the wheelhouse

Emergency egress is via a hatch in the coachroof on to the fore deck.
This hatch is at present sealed, as it is not required by either the owners or the current relations. The hatch is secure.
There are no cooking facilities on board.

The engine is propelled by a single diesel engine driving a fixed pitch propeller via a step-down gearbox and a conventional shaft and stern gear arrangement.
Engine make Doosan
Configuration 6 cylinder, in line
Fuel Marine Gas Oil (Red diesel)
Stern Gear Conventional gland inside and cutless bearing outboard
Mountings New and in good condition

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