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Reference DO0293
Type Crew Boat - Crew Boat
Class Local USCG
Build year / place 1997 / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Length (m) 50
Breadth (m) / Depth (m) 9.14 / 3.66
NT (tons) / GT (tons) 67 / 98
Engine(s) power (BHP) 2700
Engine(s) 4 x Cummins KTA38M
Price 1,750,000 USD

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Detailed Information

Built Year & Place 1997 / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Hull Material Aluminium
Class Society and Notation Local USCG Laid Up
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Principle Dimensions
Length Overall (m) 50
Length Between Prep. (m)
Breadth (m) 9.14
Depth (m) 3.66
Draft (m) 2
NT (tons) 67
GT (tons) 98
DWT (tons)
Machinery & Propulsion
Total Power Output (BHP) 2700
Main Engine(s) 4 x Cummins KTA38M
Main Propulsion System
Auxiliary engine(s)
Speed Maximum (knots)
Speed Cruising (knots) 21
Cargo & Tank Capacities
Deck Cargo (tons)
Deck Area (m2)
Deck Load (tons/m2)
Fuel Tanks Capacity (m3) 95
Fresh Water Tanks Capacity (m3) 151
Ballast Tanks Capacity (m3)
Additional Information

Laid up, USCG and ABS full class expired

It was built to ABS class but only had an ABS load line when delivered.

Option 1: alternatively priced at $2,750,000 USD delivered with fresh USCG COI, fresh class, buyer name/home port/emblem welded on, fresh paint from “keel to mast” to buyer colours. She will take 60-90 days to deliver if someone chose this option.

Option 2: She is DP-1 ready; Owners have already installed a bow thruster with an auxiliary drive engine and electronic controls. If someone wanted to complete the DP-1 install, it would add $250,000 USD to sale price and add 30 days to delivery.

All machinery and systems are run every month.

Light Draft: 1.5 m

Transferable Potable Water: 151 m3
Transferable Fuel: 94.6 m3
Engine Lube Oil: 2 m3
Fuel discharge Rate: 24.5 m3/h
Potable Water Discharge Rate: 163.6 m3/h

Cargo Deck
Capacity: 280 LT
Deck: 29.1 m x 7.5
Deck Square Footage: 217 m2

Fuel Consumption: 14 litres/min

Passengers: 90 Bench Class

Depth Sounder: Datamarine 3000
CSP Monitoring: Equipped
GPS: 1 Furuno, 1 Micrologic
Radar(s): 2 – Furuno
VHF: 2 – Standard Horizon
SSB: 1 – SEA 222
Internet E-mail: Telarus

Gray water 2 m3

Vessel is heated and cooled by two (2) Copeland central units.
• units are ducted to all living spaces.
One (1) CCTV camera system with “Storm” cameras is located throughout the vessel.

This vessel is a typical Crew boat (Inspected Passenger Vessel) with a flat deck, a model bow, a transom stern, a chine hull, and an aluminum double level superstructure with a raised pilothouse forward.
The hull is protected by means of:
• 8” pipe cap is located at the deck line throughout the vessel.
• 12” rubber tires are secured with chain on both port and starboard sides.
• 18” rubber tires are secured across the stern.
o tires are secured in a 2-point system with 5/8” steel chain and ¾” shackles.
Access to each compartment is made through an 18” diameter center bolt type manhole/hatch.

Compartmentation is as follows:
• transverse bulkheads:
o six (6) partial
o six (6) full
• two (2) longitudinal bulkheads divide the hull into fifteen (15) compartments.

• one (1) 8” H-bitt is located at the bow.
• one (1) 6” H-bitt is located forward and aft on both port and starboard sides of the bow.
• one (1) 8” H-bitt is located at the stern on both port and starboard sides.
• one (1) 52” x 5” cargo rail is located down the main cargo deck on both port and starboard sides.
• one (1) hydraulic capstan is located at the bow.
• deck lines consist of 2” nylon throughout.
• one (1) paint locker containing paints and supplies.
o locker has a CO2 fire extinguisher attached.
• ladders are each fitted with step pads and handrails on all levels.
o ladders are constructed of pipe and angle iron.
o stairs and ladders are fitted with non-skid.
• transfer piping consists of 1” – 2” piping with brass gate valves throughout.
• fuel and water tanks are provided with adequate crossover and isolating valves.
• 4” – 6” sea cocks with brass gate valves are located at the sea chest.
• pipe intakes are quick coupling and threaded.
• vents are 2” – 3” gooseneck with flame screens.
• perimeter of the forecastle deck level is fitted with a 48” plate type bulwarks with a 4” flange plate cap rail.
• perimeter of the main deck level is fitted with a 32” plate type bulwarks with a 4” flange plate cap rail.
• perimeter of the superstructure deck levels is fitted with 42” high 3-tier railings.
• main deck is fitted with two (2) 2-dog aluminum watertight doors.
• wheelhouse is fitted with one (1) 2-dog aluminum watertight door.
• machinery space is fitted with four (4) 6-dog wheel operated watertight doors.
• vessel is fitted with rubber mounted windows throughout.

• interior finishes consist of the following:
o pre-finished plywood paneling on the bulkheads.
o FRP on the overheads.
o vinyl on the decks.
• four (4) 4-man bunkrooms are located below the main deck, each containing:
o built-in wooden bunks
o lockers
• two (2) common heads are located in the passenger cabin and the crew’s quarters, each containing:
o stainless steel sink
o medicine cabinet
o porcelain toilet
o built-in fiberglass showers
▪ showers are fitted with non-skid.
▪ showers are not fitted with handrails.
• galley contains the following furniture and/or equipment:
o one (1) Hot Point 4-burner electric stove
o two (2) microwave ovens
▪ one (1) Hot Point
▪ one (1) Estate
o one (1) GE 28 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer
o one (1) Admiral 15 cu. ft. freezer
o one (1) stainless steel dual sink
o one (1) dinette set with seating for six (6)
o one (1) Insignia TV with:
▪ DirecTV box
▪ Sony DVD player

Forward and Aft Control Stations each contain the following equipment:
• one (1) dual trumpet air horn
• approved type navigation lights
• three (3) Carlisle & Finch 10” spotlights
• one (1) Dirigio 6” compass
• three (3) VHF radios
▪ one (1) Standard Horizon Quest plus
▪ one (1) ICOM IC-M504
▪ one (1) Uniden UM 380
• one (1) Sea, Inc. Sea 222 single side band radio
• two (2) Furuno RDP-150 72-mile range radars
• one (1) JRC JHS-182 AIS
• two (2) Furuno GPS
▪ one (1) GP-31
▪ one (1) GP-32
• one (1) Furuno FCV-627 depth sounder
• Kobelt single lever electric controls
• Comnav rudder angle indicators
• one (1) Furuno LH-3000 loud hailer
▪ two (2) external speakers
• two (2) electric windshield wipers
• one (1) 50” x 42” x 42” built-in chart table with:
▪ two (2) drawers
▪ two (2) cabinets
• one (1) Lenovo desktop computer with:
▪ 17” flatscreen monitor
▪ keyboard
▪ mouse
▪ Brother printer/scanner
▪ chart plotter software
• one (1) switch panel is located forward of the control console.
• one (1) Intellian satellite receiver
• multiple tachometers, gauges, and throttle controls for main engines.
• located atop the pilothouse is a mast pole with navigation lights, running lights, searchlights, radio antennas.

Two (2) Detroit Diesel 4-71 4-cylinder diesel engines drive two (2) Kato generators.
• engines:
o port engine is air starting.
o starboard engine is electric stating.
o serial tags are missing or painted over.
• generators:
o serial tags are missing.
Four (4) 12-volt heavy duty marine type batteries are stowed in a well-ventilated area adjacent to generators.
The vessel is wired with metal armored type wiring and rubber shielded coated wire. Fixtures are vapor proof marine type and fluorescent. Lighting system is 110-volt, AC. Switchboard is of the deadfront type. Overload protection is via circuit breakers.

Propulsion machinery is comprised of:
• four (4) Cummins KTA-38 12-cylinder diesel engines.
o engine number 1:
▪ serial number: tag is painted over.
▪ hours: 3,655
o engine number 2:
▪ serial number: 33153514
▪ hours: 2,737
o engine number 3:
▪ serial number: tag is damaged.
▪ hours: 2,688
o engine number 4:
▪ serial number: tag is painted over.
▪ hours: 2,763
• four (4) Reintjes clutches, ratio could not be determined due to painted over tags.
• one (1) tunnel thruster:
o powered by a Baldor 200-hp electric motor.
o electrical supply provided by a Newage 250-kw generator.
▪ powered by a Cummins QSM11-DM 6-cylinder diesel engine.
• four (4) 4-blade nibral propellers.
• two (2) skeg supported rudders.
• four (4) 4” stainless steel shafts.
Auxiliary machinery and equipment consist of the following:
• one (1) US Craftsman 30-gallon water heater
• one (1) Crown mulching pump
o powered by a 2-hp electric motor
• two (2) Perma Tank bladder sets
o powered by two (2) J-Class fractional hp electric motors.
• dual pump hydraulic system
o powered by 7.5-hp electric motors.
• two (2) Quincy multi-stage air compressors
o three (3) 80-gallon tanks
o powered by Baldor 5-hp electric motors.
• one (1) Barnes bilge pump
o powered by a Baldor 2-hp electric motor.
• one (1) fire pump
o powered by a GE 5-hp electric motor.
• one (1) Crane Deming 4” x 4” x 12” fire monitor pump
o model number: 4066
o serial number: DC1671056
o powered through a Twin Disc PTO
• one (1) Roper cargo transfer pump
o powered by a Marathon Electric 7.5-hp electric motor
o fitted with a Veeder-Root ticket printer
▪ model number: R789001-031
▪ serial number: 1201564197
o fitted with a flow meter
▪ serial tag is missing.
• machinery space is ventilated by 18” diameter fan type blowers.
• one (1) Kenmore washer
• one (1) Hot Point dryer

Lifesaving equipment consist of the following:
• USCG approved Type I life jackets with water lights and whistles are located throughout the vessel.
• one (1) ACR EPIRB
o date of manufacture: April 11, 2020
o serial number: ADCD4D429C002E9
• nine (9) USCG approved life floats
o all life floats are in poor condition.
• one (1) Siemens System 3 general alarm system
• eight (8) life rings with lights and lines.
• electric main and generator emergency shutoff
• one (1) first aid kit Firefighting equipment consist of the following:
• one (1) 2.5-lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher
• two (2) 20-lb. dry chemical fire extinguishers
• four (4) 20-lb. CO2 fire extinguishers
• one (1) 400-lb bottle CO2 system
• cable control fuel shutoff
• 16-point alarm system
• four (4) fire stations
o each with 1 ½” x 50’ fire hoses.
• one (1) Elkheart fire monitor

All details are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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