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Reference DO0336
Type Workboat
Class Expired
Build year / place 1985 / JAPAN
Length (m) 29
Breadth (m) / Depth (m) 10 / 2.9
NT (tons) / GT (tons) 72 / 241
Engine(s) power (BHP) 592
Engine(s) 2 x Daihatsu M3S
Location EAST MED
Price 150,000 EUR

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Detailed Information

Built Year & Place 1985 / JAPAN
Hull Material Steel
Class Society and Notation Expired
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Principle Dimensions
Length Overall (m) 29
Length Between Prep. (m) 25.5
Breadth (m) 10
Depth (m) 2.9
Draft (m) 1.88
NT (tons) 72
GT (tons) 241
DWT (tons)
Machinery & Propulsion
Total Power Output (BHP) 592
Main Engine(s) 2 x Daihatsu M3S
Main Propulsion System Twin Screw
Auxiliary engine(s) 2 X 25 KW , Yanmar 35ML
Speed Maximum (knots)
Speed Cruising (knots) 9.68
Cargo & Tank Capacities
Deck Cargo (tons)
Deck Area (m2)
Deck Load (tons/m2)
Fuel Tanks Capacity (m3) 38
Fresh Water Tanks Capacity (m3) 40
Ballast Tanks Capacity (m3)
Additional Information

Reduction gears: 2 x Niigata, ratio 3.5:1
Loaded draft : Average Average 1.88m, Aft Stern 1.95m
Empty draft light draft: Average Average 1.63m, Aft Stern: 2.33m
Displacement : fully loaded draft 286.04t, No-load light draft 259.50t
typeDeep D 2.9m
Complement 6P
Light ship weight light ship weight 225.32t
bedbit crew bed 6pcs
tallest building height from baseline 18.7m
Rated anchor force 40t
maximum anchor force 45t
tow hook 10t

pull 421×10³N 110×10³N
speed 5m/min 10/20m/min
Braking ability 637×10³N 167×10³N
rope drum φ950×1500 φ550×1500
wire rope φ54×80 φ30×90
hydraulic motor 169MPa 167MPa

Chain wheel
pull 32×10³N
speed 9m/min
Braking ability 110×10³N
rope drum
wire rope 20.5mm
hydraulic motor 7.3MPa

side drum 29.4×10³N

Boat Boom Capacity 110×10³N retracted by hydraulic cylinder
typeNo.×Number of units M3Sx2 Bore x stroke 140×160mm Electricitybottle
pregnancyProducefactory Japanese Daihatsu Fuel consumption 238g/kgw·h nullgasbottle 100Lx3 MPa
Date of manufacture 1984.1 oil consumption 1.36 g/kw·h increaseto pressdevice RU110Japan
rated power 221KW Spindle diameter 100mm
Rated speed 1600r/min Starting method Air3 MPa transfer method Gearbox1600/455

Model × number of units KVA-63×1 production plant Japan Kyoto Factory heating area 2.9m²
type automatic fuel Date of manufacture 1984year Evaporation 264×10³×10³J/h
use Warm water for heating fuel pressure

typeMode Three leaf guide tube Diameter×Pitch 1250×1005mm Heavyquantity 140KG
quantity, rotation 2, external rotation changespeed 100mm materialmaterial Manganese brass

Power×Torque 7.84×10³Nm steering time 30/60Smaximum rudder angle37°
hydraulic pump GSP2-AOSO4AR-AOtype 10MPa 5.7L/min 1420r/min
motor 1.5KW AC380V×36A

NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT: desktop magnetic compass T-130VDhydraulic rudder console, rudder angle indicator
Diesel engine model × number 35ML-E×2 Generator model × number NIAKL-VEN×2
Manufacturer, date of manufacture Japanese Yanmar1984.11 Manufacturer, date of manufacture Japan1984
Rated power, speed 24KW×1500r/min Capacity×speed 16KW×1500r/min
Bore x stroke 105×120mm voltage x current 385V×30A
machinetype kindtype AC

Diesel engine model × number Generator model × number
Manufacturer, date of manufacture Manufacturer, date of manufacture
Rated power, speed Capacity×speed
Bore x stroke voltage x current
machinetype kindtype

Ballast master pump:SH-50-2 15/7.1m³/h 0.2/0.3MPa
motor:2.2KW 380V 2870r/min
Spare oil pump:ALC-3 2.1 m ³/h 0.2MPa
motor:3.7KW 380V 955r/min
Fuel transfer pump:TLG-3 2.0 m ³/h 0.2MPa
motor:0.75KW 380V 930r/min
Fresh water transfer pump:SH-65-2 20m ³/h 0.25MPa
Drive motor:3.7KW 380V 2870r/min
Hot water circulation pump:PVC-32 5m ³/h 0.098MPa
Drive motor:0.75KW 380V 2850r/min
Hot water supply pump:PVC-32 1m ³/h 0.098MPa
Drive motor:0.4KW 380V 2850r/min
Daily lubricating oil pump for main engine reducer:TLG-3 2.1 m³/h 24MPa
Drive motor:3.7KW 380V 955r/min
Windlass hydraulic pump:16.9MPa
Left main engine front shaft drive

ANCHOR stock anchor 570kg×2 Tail Anchors: Rod Anchor 290kg×1

WATER SEPARATOR M-015type 0.15m³/h automatic oil discharge Japan May 1985

NULLTO PRESSMACHINE Main air compressor:LSHC-20B 3 MPa 5 meters³/h1.7KW 1500r/min 2 sets

Daily air compressor: VLH-74A0.7 MPa 140m³/h 18KW 1200r/min driven by 1 right main engine

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